Jean Efron

Art Consultant and long term resident

Ed is a great neighbor and skilled lawyer and would be excellent representing our neighbors in dealing with local government issues.”

Mary Ellen Signorille

former FBA Board member
I enthusiastically endorse Ed Comer for 2A04 ANC Commissioner. I have known Ed for over 40 years and know that he will be dedicated, diligent and focused in representing the interests of the people in the Foggy Bottom/West End area. I appreciate that he is focused on the safety of DC residents and others who live, work and play in the Foggy Bottom/West End area. Ed’s greatest strength is his pragmatism to find solutions to all types of issues after listening openly to all sides of an issue. Please vote for Ed to make a difference in the Foggy Bottom/West End community.

Donna Barbisch

ANC Commissioner, 2A04
"I wholeheartedly endorse Ed Comer for our next 2A04 ANC Commissioner. Ed has the knowledge and experience to support our interests and represent us well. He has excellent judgement and skill and will facilitate interaction within the DC government as well as the federal entities that impact our neighborhood. He will keep us informed and engaged on critical issues.Please join me on November 8th and vote for Ed Comer."